I Love Social Web Media Marketing Innovators

Hey guys!

You should totally check out my Twitter page. I’ve posted some awesome TinyURL links to sweet blog posts on Techcrunch! What?! You don’t know what Techcrunch is? Geez… you probably still go to Digg.

I’ve been lead generating awesome Tweet blasts from my latest iPhone App. Once I was done collaborating with my cloud team on Google Wave, I read up on the latest web PR news and created a viral loop using my social bookmarking karma as a network base.

I’ve finished researching the cutting edge technology created by chicken-egg social web app morons and I’m ready to push the envelope with some round A seed venture capital. This is going to work because I know the difference between posting a link on my WordPress blog that says “My Twitter Page” and “You should follow me on Twitter.” You should follow me off a cliff too, because I’ll give you 10 good reasons to use your RSS feed to not pay attention to where you’re walking.

Once I’m done tweeting my inside jokes to @friendyouneverheardof, and wrapping up my awesome burrito review in 140  characters or less, I’m going to create a web page and call it a start up. Sure, its only in beta now, but once I reach critical mass the blogosphere is going to be like REDDIT WHO?!

Being hot on technology trends isn’t like following fashion fads, because fashion fads sell tangible products and create real money. Vaporware, buzz words, and hype is what gets you attention, not an argyle scarf.

If you aren’t agile already, then you’re already 3 Tweets behind whats going to replace it in 4 months. Waterfall is so Microsoft, planning is stupid. Shoot, I’ll be bold enough to say thinking is stupid. The more you e-mail spray your web-wisdom, the more leads you create to spam filter your Tumblr links!

Its all about streams, trackbacks, pingbacks, affiliate programs, link farms, Black Hat SEO, Ruby on Rails and only Ruby on Rails, successful start ups with no clear path to revenue… or profit. WAKE UP PEOPLE! I’m on top of my shit because I have a business degree/logged into a webinar last month. It cost $100 so you know I got something useful out of it.

Whoops, looks like my new iPhone3GS is blowin’ up text style. I have to go collaborate on the cutting edge of innovation for a while. If I’m not already distracted by my millions of dollars I’ll call you and pretend I give a shit about what you say. See you on the money side!



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  1. Gravatar of Kylie BattName Kylie BattName
    11. April 2010 at 18:46

    Я конечно, прошу прощения, но это мне не подходит. Есть другие варианты?…

    I’ve been lead generating awesome Tweet blasts from my latest iPhone App. Once I was done collaborating with my cloud team […….

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