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My name is Scott Conner and I am a software developer in Austin, TX.

I love everything related to technology. I’m a geek, a nerd, whatever.

My passion is in helping people get what they need without any of the hassle – and this design philosophy is interlocked in every line of code at my new venue of employment, Spiceworks.

Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll say my idealism is my primary source of frustration in this world.

Those things aside, I love being outside, anything to do with water, volleyball, video games, good cuisine/wine, and I value relationships over anything else my life.

I have a sizable thirst for existential conversations, discussing theoretical implausibilities without any hope of application, and generally enjoy the view of devil’s advocate to punch a hole in my own previously cemented beliefs to facilitate personal growth.

I’m ridiculous after a cappuccino, I work best when I should be doing something else, and the only people who have ever complimented me on my car were either girls or kids under 18.

I’ll say what everyone in the room is thinking, and will act on principle rather than motive. I was tied to a tree for 30 minutes when I was six, I’ve had a splinter surgically removed from my ass, and found that after my back surgery I have more in common with people collecting pensions than I want to at 23.

I try not to text while driving, I listen to my music way louder than is medically reasonable, and I once subdued a rat in my house with a baseball bat (I’m agile and resourceful).

Generally, I’m trying to keep it real with some refreshing honesty while trying to balance idealism and practicality in everyday life.

Feel free to shoot me an e-mail if you have any questions :) skottie@connersc.com