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Post Collegiate Mentalities and Happy New Years

If there is anything I can state as a fact about my post-graduate life, it is that more has changed in the last year and a half (I graduated in 2008) then the 21 years before it, which includes graduating high school, going to an out of state college, and learning to appreciate a good beer.

In 2009 alone, I started my first business (and second), lost my best friend, had back surgery, lived in my first apartment by myself, and eventually moved in “full time” will my girlfriend. I got off Windows and pretty much only own Apple hardware, I’ve switched completely to non-fiction reading, and I don’t have $80 weekend bar tabs (anymore).

Today is New Years Eve. We are on the brink of something new. For some reason this year feels like it will be even bigger than the last, even though I’m not entirely sure how I could accomplish that.

Small changes are hard to make. Because it is so close to what was before the change, it is easy to slide back into the previous groove, habit, schedule, or mind-set. People pick New Years to make big changes. Drop the new year resolutions, I say. I’m setting goals for my life. I’m completely changing my mentality.

What mentality we choose to live by is so important because it is literally the framework in which we perceive our reality – the mental objects and abstractions we use to idenitify our surroundings. It prioritizes our goals (do we want to slam beer and ride motorcycles or do we like chess and a glass of wine?), dictates who our friends are by reflecting our commonalities, and within its cracks defines our values.

I love my life. But I want more from it. I’ve learned that if you’re locked up and your “mouse cursor” isn’t moving, the easiest thing to do is reboot and start over.

Happy New Years everyone, see you in 2010.